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Our Spring 2006 Collection

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Shangri-La's NEFERTITI Dress

Queen Nefertiti
"When that

'little black dress'

is not enough ...


introducing the ...

Tired of the same styles for wedding attire resembling a cream puff, an architectural mistake, or something your grandmother wore a century ago. Our charmeuse wedding fashions are unique, versatile, and tailored to your dreams.

This is the NEFERTITI design, inspired by the sheer sensual gauzy garments, the hallmark of Egypt's golden age. Shangri-La has created the ultimate expression of "queen for a day"!
Italian trained Chinese designer You Min uses silk devore fabric (charmeuse), a silk rayon pile velvet burnt away with acid printing to leave shadows of silk chiffon amid deep velvet pile, for SHANGRI-LA to now bring this art to the wedding dress! This technique, first invented in France at least a century ago and very fashionable in the "roaring twenties" now makes a striking and avante garde comeback!

Devore literally means "to devour" in French. The process uses a chemical gel that eats away (dissolves) cellulose plant fibers (such as cotton, linen, raime, rayon, and viscose) without harming the non-plant silk fibers, that make our wedding dresses so comfortable that you will want to wear it for the rest of your life!
Shangri-La's NEFERTITI Dress

Shangri-La's NEFERTITI Dress
introducing the ... D I A N A

The Greek goddess DIANA the huntress has inspired this sensual classic by Shangri-La, which features a hand beadwork sholder strap and many beading details.

Shangri-La's DIANA Dress Note to the right are details of our hand beadwork that is both structural and elegant. The details are all up to you. Let us create your bridal fantasy at Shangri-La!

Shangri-La also offers a wide range of styles available for your bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party, including the mother of the bride and groom.

Back of DIANA wedding dress
introducing the ... S H A H A R A Z A D

Shahrazad, the fabled story teller queen of 1001 Nights, inspired this Shangri-La's third wedding dress creation. With such inspiration we designed this unique gown to be worn six different ways! The long train can be worn as a bustle, as a cape, and even as an elaborate veil.

Shangri-La's SHAHARAZAD Dress Relive the mystery of the Middle East as Shaharazad teller of a thousand and one tales. Be the Empress of your own Emperor Shahryar, whose life was changed irrevocably by these tales.

You too will treasure this luxurious treasure from the Middle East, crafted by hand of the finest asian silk.

Shangri-La's SHAHARAZAD Dress
Shangri-La's SHAHARAZAD Dress Veil

Shangri-La's SHAHARAZAD Dress Cape
Shangri-La's SHAHARAZAD Dress

Shangri-La's SHAHARAZAD Dress We work with your budget to guide you in creating your bridal dress and wedding party look. SHANGRI-LA has versatile silk velvet wedding dress styles and many choices for your wedding party. So design your own UNIQUE hand sewn couture garments for no more than it costs to buy commercial ready-made clothes off the rack.


A GREAT Venue for Shangri-La Couture Gowns

Are you the type of person who loves to travel? Have you always dreamt of having your wedding in a glamorous, romantic, or tropical destination? The beauty of these places stirs the heart with a golden sunset ambiance, creating a halo around the new husband and bride's face, as their first sweet kiss starts a new life together. A destination wedding is when you travel to a special place for your wedding. It might be just the two of you (also known as eloping!), or you might include a group of friends and family. It's an appealing option if you want to do something different, 'enforce' a small guest list, hold the wedding at a place equally (in)convenient for far-flung family, or just 'get away'!" Destination, beach, or cruise weddings are what many women dream of, but when engaged few have any idea how to plan a destination wedding. Ten percent of weddings today are now considered "destination weddings", according to Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine.

1) Formerly the exclusive domain of celebrities and the ultra-rich, Destination and Cruise Ship Weddings have recently become accessible to more couples looking to add an "exotic twist" to their special ceremony. Destination and Cruise Weddings usually cost less than traditional weddings. Properly planned, a destination wedding can save $15,000 to $20,000 off the cost of a traditional wedding, while turning your wedding into an unforgettable "mini-vacation" for you and your guests.

2) You should purchase air & hotel or cruise ship as a "package" - or you could be in for an expensive surprise. Although it is sometimes possible to negotiate with the hotel or ship and airlines separately, you will generally save more by negotiating a package.

3) Destination and cruise weddings can be a fun and relaxing experience for you AND your guests if you plan together. Coordinated planning is absolutely essential for a cruise ship wedding. For most couples making sure guests are properly taken care of with suitable accommodations, is as important as their own plans. Unfortunately, when guests are left to "fend for themselves" it is difficult to make sure they are close to "where the action is." You don't want any of your guests to miss the boat.

4) Negotiate directly with hotels and cruise lines at your own risk. Although hotels or boats offer some discount for groups of 10 or more if you book directly, it is important to keep in mind that both will maximize the amount of revenue they bring in on any room or cabin they book. By working with an experienced travel coordinator with negotiating power, you will generally receive a better deal and avoid costly mistakes.

5) A luxury cruise ship is a fun and exciting location for your memorable wedding. Shipboard weddings allow you to combine your ceremony and reception with a cruise honeymoon, and offer the option of your family and friends joining you on the vacation. With packages available in over 100 beautiful ports of call, you can choose a destination perfect for you and your guests. Couples are choosing cruise ship wedding packages over the traditional hometown wedding in greater numbers today than ever before. Cruise weddings allow you to plan a beautiful wedding at a fraction of the cost of a traditional land wedding. Plus, you can leave details to the ship's staff.

6) Cruise weddings take place while the ship is in port, and couples can choose to have their wedding onboard, or at a land location. You can be married in a shipboard chapel while the ship is docked in Miami Port, on a world-renowned beach in St. Thomas, USVI, in a rooftop garden in Italy, or even fly by helicopter to be married on an Alaskan glacier! You may invite guests to join you on cruise, or invite them to board for a day as a non-sailing guest to celebrate your wedding.

7) There are few spots on this planet as inspiring as our beaches. The never-ending ebb and flow of the water, the seashells tucked into the sand, sun rays dancing on the water, and a horizon that seems to go on forever - it's intoxicating and romantic. Many couples decide that a beach wedding is a prefect way to begin married life and Shangri-La's couture designs are excellent for the beach.

8) You can do it all yourself, but is it worth the risk? Planned right, a destination or cruise wedding is truly the most unique way to commemorate your special union. But missed flights with no emergency number for support, confusing legal requirements for marriage, hidden clauses in hotel contracts leaving couples with enormous liabilities, dropped reservations by a booked hotel forcing couples and their guests into a low level hotel in paradise can be avoided with planning and guidance.

9) Shangri-La has experience designing specialty tours and works directly with the best travel agencies in the business to coordinate with your personal look, style, and budget. All of our couture fashions are travel ready, beach friendly, light weight, and wrinkle free. So go ahead, make your wedding an adventure and live happily ever after - as the fairy tale goes.

Shangri-La's PEACOCK Dress
Our PEACOCK evening dress may also be used as a wedding dress design.

Sporty Silk Velvet Summer Dress
Sporty Silk Velvet Summer Dress

"When that 'little black dress' is not enough ...


Shangri-La Haute Couture

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Shangri-La redefines the cutting edge of haute couture silk velvet devore fashion every day. Here is our latest creation, a silk velvet tail coat that goes great with a skirt or with pants. The Shangri-La designers are constantly creating new unique looks for every style and occasion.

Shangri-La's Tail Coat, Front View Shangri-La's Tail Coat, Back View

Click HERE to see a video clip from Shangri-La's Spring 2005 Fashion Show exhibit of many different ways to wear a ruana!

Click HERE to see a video clip of You Min Gosline showing 20 different ways to wear a ruana!

LOCATION: Shangri-La Gifts and Art, 156 E State Street (THE COMMONS), Ithaca, NY 14850 USA

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Shangri-La Haute Couture


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Shangri-La's WEDDING PARTY Dress

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We hope you enjoy our fashion show clips! Ms. Gina Sikora and the other models in our Fashion Soiree have kindly given us permission to post these images. All image rights are reserved. We welcome all your comments on our wedding couture fashion designs. Click HERE to go to our blog!

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