Peruvian Opera Singer
Ms. Gina Sikora, wearing
Our Latest Haute Couture Creation

"When that 'little black dress' is not enough ... SHANGRILA!"

Until the 1990's most recent velvets produced was only rayon or acetate based, although velvet was first made from silk in the Middle Ages. A few years ago, American trained British designer Jasper Conran revived silk devore fabric, a rayon pile velvet burnt away with acid printing to leave shadows of silk chiffon amid deep velvet pile. This technique, first invented in France at least a century ago and very fashionable in the "roaring twenties" has now made a striking comeback! Devore literally means "to devour" in French. The process uses a chemical gel that eats away (dissolves) cellulose plant fibers (such as cotton, linen, raime, rayon, and viscose) without harming the non-plant silk fibers.

Besides offering a wide range of tranditionally inspired ruanas, amarna shawls (Quechqumitl), and kaftans, we are happy to design unique evening dresses and gowns, such as this commissioned piece for the Peruvian opera singer Ms. Gina Sikora, one of our loyal customers!

For her Spring 2005 concert series, Peruvian Opera Singer Ms. Gina Sikora commissioned Shangri-La Gifts to design for her this spectacular silk velvet devore burnout evening dress. It is the first in Shangri-La's Spring 2005 Fashion Collection. This masterpiece along with more than a dozen other high fashion gowns were displayed in our Fashion Soiree, on 2 April 2005!
We hope you enjoyed our fashion show! Ms. Gina Sikora has kindly given us permission to post these images from when she visited our shop for a fitting. All image rights are reserved.
Gina Sikora studied voice in her native Peru with famous coloratura soprano Lucrecia Sarria. At 16 she bagan singing professionally with an international company of zarzuelas and operettas under direction of Faustino Garcia, touring South America. At 18 she received the prestigious "Pluma de Plata" award for outstanding performance. After arriving in the US, she studied music at Stony Brook University. Since coming to SUNY Cortland, she studied voice with Marion Hanson. She errned a doctorate in comparative literature with a specialization in medieval studies at Binghamton University.
On April 2nd, at 7 PM, Shangri-La hosted an event to introduce our NEW SPRING COLLECTION of high fashion in-house haute couture designs. Gina Sikora along with several models introduced this collection. The event was FREE, but R.S.V.P. required because space will be limited. Video Clips are posted on our website!

LOCATION: Shangri-La Gifts and Art, 156 E State Street (THE COMMONS), Ithaca, NY 14850 USA
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"When that 'little black dress' is not enough ...


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