"When that 'little black dress' is not enough ... SHANGRILA!"

Take our Louis Vuitton Challenge!

For the past month, we've been challenging customers in our Shangri-La Ithaca store to identify which of two pouchettes is FAKE and win 20% off ANY real Louis Vuitton in the store or 10% off anything else! We had a lot of fun and even those who didn't win still got a FREE lesson in how to spot a real Louis Vuitton pouchette, one of the most common and copied fashion handbags!

The whole idea for this game started when we received a FAKE pouchette from an LV reseller who claims to be an expert. If he refunds my money promptly, I won't identify the guilty party, wink! As soon as we touched it, we knew it was not real LV, and planned to return the bag, but in the meantime we decided to find out just how many savvy shoppers there are in Ithaca, NY. We didn't keep exact track, but more than 2/3 got it right! Of course it is a 50 � 50 chance, but that's pretty good for a little place in upstate New York.

So, now after the Apple Festival this weekend (October 7-9, 2005) the fun in the Shangri-La Ithaca shop has to end, and I will return the FAKE next week for my FULL refund, I hope. But since we've had so much fun with this game and learned a lot too, I decided to make an on-line version that you can play at home. Let me know how you like it and if you learn anything new, gosline@hotmail.com.

Tell ? ? ?

I was planning to have images cycle through a series of comparative shots, but I want to challenge the pros a little and see how few images you need to tell the difference, so I will start with the hardest clues. Unfortunately, we are not cleaver enough with the internet to provide you with touch, smell, and sound clues, but at the end of the quiz we will tell you some of those tips too. Yes, you can identify a real Vuitton by scratch and sniff. Until you think you've got it, click on either image for another picture clue!

? - A - ?

? - B - ?

Which is a picture of a REAL Louis Vuitton pouchette? If you KNOW the answer yet, click on the letter below the picture, either "A" or "B" !

Maile is our special designer kitty in Ithaca, NY. She is a real fan of Louis Vuitton and has had tons of pics taken of her sporting everything from the classic monogram to the latest from Marc Jacobs, Robert Willson, and of course Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami. Click HERE to see a wide selection of gifts showing Maile with Louis Vuitton fashions, including her pinup 2006 calendar!

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