"When that 'little black dress' is not enough ... SHANGRILA!"


Art by Anne Marsden Morse Williams
is renowned throughout the US as a master of post-impressionistic fauvist style landscapes, in a style similar the later works of both Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse.

Opening reception will be held from 5 to 8 PM, Friday, December 4th, 2009. The exhibit REMEMBER THE LADIES featuring internationally famous oil portrait paintings of United States First Ladies by acclaimed artist, Lawrence Williams, will continue at Shangri-La Gifts and Publications, 171 E. State St (The Commons), until December, 2009.

Current Exhibit - RECREATING ANCIENT JEWELS at Shangri-La

Fredricka Kulicke is a Jewelry Designer, Goldsmith, and teacher. Her inspiration comes from Gold Antiquities exhibited in Museums. Each piece is handmade, one at a time, with great attention to detail. Fredricka is Shangri-La's current artist in residence. Custom designed jewelry by request. Its stunning when your realize how sophisticated the designs were. Jewelry was an art form, and the skill of the goldsmith was appreciated.

Other Shangri-La Artists

Papyri of Said, Delta Papyrus Center

An early student of the famous Dr. Hassan Ragab who rediscovered the ancient Egyptian art of papyrus making, Said of the Delta Papyrus Center is the premiere master of papyrus art. In October of 2009, Shangri-La in Ithaca on the Commons will feature a wide range of this artist's creations.

Watercolors and Acylic Inks by Marilyn Allis

The Hunt watercolor by Marilyn Allis Marilyn Allis is a leading British water color artist. She works in a loose, impressionistic style. Her paintings, are strong, vibrant, capturing movement, and full of energy. Marilyn works mainly in water color, but also uses acrylic inks and mixed media. This exhibit will feature both watercolors and acrylic inks. Marilyn Allis was born in Poole, England, and now lives in the beautiful Dorset countryside with her family. The opening reception will be held at 5 PM, December 2nd, 2005, as part of the Downtown Gallery event. For exhibit details contact us at 607-272-5955 or 607-272-6156.
Tut-ankh-amun Painting by Said, Delta Papyrus Center

Surrealism by Felice Josephine

Surrealism by Felice Josephine

Felice Josephine is an exceptionally talented young artist. She points out the strength, intellect, manual dexterity and creativity that women exhibit everyday. Her work puts women into a sharp focus and will be featured in Shangri-La during March and April 2005. For more details about this and other March 2005 shows in Ithaca visit The Ithacan Online.
Surrealism by Felice Josephine
Oil Paintings by William Deats

In 2002, William Deats traveled to Italy, where he captured landscapes, town and city scenes. Deats captures the luminescent qualities of Venice as it appears to float on the surface of the Adriatic Sea. Deats has won numerous awards for his landscapes. His works will be featured in November of 2004 at Shangri-La, beginning with an opening reception on November 5th, 5 to 8 PM. Please join us!
The Lido - Venice by Bill Deats
Horses by Yi Hong-Bin

Who's Who - World Chinese Intellectuals, Yi Hong-Bin is not only northern China's premiere sage, he is also a famous painter of horses. He uses both traditional and modern techniques to create vibrant works that have influenced painting through China and internationally. Yi treats horses as "the spirits of the times and the warrior of a great career." His works will be on exhibit at our Cortland, NY location from May to July of 2005.
Three Horses by Yi Hongbin
Surrealistic Kabbalah by Don Karr

Don Karr, a graduate of Cornell University, is a well-known artist and linguist living in Ithaca, NY. Don is also well known for his scholarly researches in the study of Kabbalah. His art has been in many prominent exhibitions, and one of his paintings is even on a CD cover for The Monks of Funk (Ithaca: FingerLakes Recording, Spring 2004). SHANGRI-LA will feature Don's paintings during the month of August 2004.
Kabbalah Art by Don Karr

Paintings by Elisabeth Gross-Marks

With an artistic career spanning over thirty years, Elisabeth Gross-Marks has excelled in a wide variety of artistic styles. In May and June of 2004, we feature a retrospective, entitled Dancing With Colors. Later this year we plan to host another exhibit by Gross-Marks with a focus on her more recent creations.
Abstract Colors by Elisabeth Gross-Marks
Service and Honor by Jeffery Bass

Artwork by Jeffery Bass has been published around the world in the Associated Press and featured on CNN. In May 2005, Shangri-La is hosting a unique solo exhibit of Bass' wide range of commissioned portraits, military art, nature studies, and landscapes.
Earthquake by Jeff Bass

Photographs by Dylan Litchman

Shangri-La's photographer, Dylan Litchmen, is also proficient in Tibetan language and Buddhist dialects. Several of his photographic works are on exhibit and we are planning a special photographic exhibit for him later this year. Dylan's work is widely published and he has been featured in many photography shows and exhibitions.
Photograph by Dylan Litchmen

Paintings by Lynne Taetzsch

Abstracts by Lynne Taetzsch

Our September and October arts event at Shangri-La FUNDAMENTAL ENERGY featured the abstract paintings of LYNNE TAETZSCH, from Sept 10 to Oct 18, 2004.

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Getting into Gallery Night - THE ITHACA JOURNAL

Cultural Events - Thursday, 2 Dec 2004
By KATRINA MORSE, Special to The Journal

How does the Ithaca art market compare to other cities across the country? My unofficial opinion is that Ithaca has more variety, more quality, and lower prices than other cities of similar size. Why? Maybe because the bumper sticker I've seen that says, "Ithaca: 10 square miles surrounded by reality," is true!

Our area is a haven for creative, forward-thinking people who may not represent the mind-set of the rest of the country. With both Cornell University and Ithaca College in our midst, our community encourages questioning, experimentation, and speaking out. That is the kind of environment that attracts artists, giving us more art and - because of the law of supply and demand - lower prices, than in other places of the country.

Next time you travel, visit some art galleries and see for yourself. See if artwork in other areas is more "formulaic," meaning that artists use the same method over and over, compromising on creativity. Compare prices and see if our local market is more competitively priced.

Shangri-La is a unique world of art, music, couture fashion, and international gifts in the vibrant downtowns of both Ithaca (156 The Commons) and Cortland (55 Main St), NY. We feature a vast array of regional and international solo artists. FALL/WINTER HOURS - Now open WED to FRI 10 AM to 8 PM, and SAT 10 AM to 9 PM. For hours and exhibit details contact us at 866-966-6288 or on the web at http://shangrilagifts.org.


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