W E L C O M E to

The United States
Presidents Center

(U. S. P. C.)

National - Presidential - Portrait - Collection

Museum and Research Center in Warren Center, PA

Shangri-La Publications and Shangrila Gifts and Art are pleased to announce their foundation and sponsorship of this new national resource for understanding the historic and future role of United States Presidents.

W Wilson


"The purpose of The United States Presidents Center (The U. S. P. C. or The Center) is to develop and promote understanding of both the historic and future role of the presidency in the shaping of this great nation. To this end, The Center will conduct and host a wide range of educational, social, cultural, artistic, and political related events for the benefit of the community, the state, and the nation."

S. L. Gosline, Founding Curator - a working Mission Statement, draft as of March 2005

This private non-profit organization shall be known as The United States Presidents Center, Inc. (THE U. S. P. C. or The Center) and shall house a collection of historic presidential portraits, busts, illustrations, photographs, political cartoons, and memorabilia. The initial core collection was donated by its founding director, Sheldon Lee Gosline and corporate sponsor Shangri-La Group Corporation on 6 January 2005. The Center shall also coordinate activities with both Cornell University and the City of Ithaca. In addition to Sheldon Gosline, Dr. Margaret Washington, a professor of American history is active in the development and promotion of this project, which had its founding meeting on 6 January 2005. Special exhibits shall be displayed in Ithaca, NY, beginning in March of 2005. Other exhibit venues in conjunction with existing non-profit organizations will be arranged as part of the mission outreach of The United States Presidents Center, Inc. The museum shall open officially in Warren Center, PA as soon as funds can be obtained to establish the exhibit and research halls. In the meantime, the collection will be housed in Ithaca, NY and Warren Center, PA.


Building Plan: location and development plans for the Center in Warren Center, PA have begun as part of an overall community plan for rural development in North East Pennsylvania. In the meantime, and to increase public awareness of this important undertaking, special exhibits of the collection are being held in Ithaca, NY and plans are underway for additional travelling exhibits in Homer, NY and Binghamton, NY in conjunction with other non-profit organizations.

Collection Development: responsible of developing exhibit collection for Center's museum, assembling quality art works, illustrative historical images and artifacts, and unique presidential items.

Conservation of Archives: responsible for care and handling of Center's collection of presidential artifacts so that they may be preserved and maintained for future generations.

Curatorial Services: development of exhibits and outreach programs to promote understanding and awareness of our legacy of American presidents and their place in shaping our history.

Education and Outreach: develop awareness of the US Presidents' role and the political process in general.

Events and Entertainment: coordinate all activities and public social functions for the Center including fund raisers, benefits, traditional musical and dance forms from traditional country dance to jazz and swing that comprise a living American history.

Lecture Series: plan and organize political and historic lectures and debates relating to the role of the President for the Center.

Merchandise Development and Sales: develop and market items for sale in Center's gift shop and online, which will help fund other events and activities at the Center.

Political Activism Forums: host open town meeting style forums and debates over current and past political issues, providing a politically neutral venue for discussion.

Publication Plans: publish reports, monographs, speeches and discussions relating to the Center through the continued sponsorship of Shangri-La Publications, a division of Shangri-La Group Corporation.

Research Facilities: develop and coordinate library archives for subjects relating to the Center's mission of expanding knowledge and understanding of the role of the US President and the political process.

Sponsorship and Donors: aggressive development of public and private funding for the Center's various educational activities.

Staff Resource Development: seek excellent Center staff to manage this national resource and direct it according the the ongoing and developing mission.

Theatrical Reenactments: organize and host theatrical groups performing reenactments of major events in American history relating to the Center's core mission.

Urban and Rural Development and Community Outreach: coordinate with the Downtown Partnerships, local and regional educational resources, highschools, other non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, downtown shops and social groups, the township, city, county, and other governmental bodies for touring exhibits, workshops, tours, competitions, prizes, and other activities in keeping with the goals of The United States Presidents Center.


If you would like to get involved in this exciting project please contact us at Shangri-La Publications, Shangrila Gifts and Art.

R Reagan

"Whatever else history may say
about me when I'm gone, I hope
it will record that I appealed
to your best hopes, not your
worst fears; to your confidence
rather than your doubts.
My dream is that you will travel
the road ahead with liberty's
lamp guiding your steps and
opportunity's arm steadying
your way." - Ronald Reagan
G Washington
H S Truman

The Eisenhowers
W Harrison

U S Grant

H Hoover
F D Roosevelt
A Lincoln

T Roosevelt
The McKinleys

G H W Bush by Portrait Artist Jeff Bass J F Kennedy

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"When that 'little black dress' is not enough ... SHANGRILA!"

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L B Johnson by Russian born artist Meyer Skoss (1889-1972)

Eisenhower by Cuban artist David 5

Group of Presidents Grant, Garfield, and Hayes by portrait artist Lawrence Williams (1913-2003)

2006 Board of Directors

Sheldon Lee Gosline, Director

Min You, Secretary / Treasurer

Elizabeth Gross-Marks, Artistic Consultant

Margaret Washington, Cornell University Liaison

Guy Columbo, Planning and Development

Peter Koeppel, Information Consultant

Educational Consultant

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