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Feb 2006 Issue - 156 The Commons, Ithaca, NY 14850 - 607|272|6156

2006 promises to be an exciting year for Shangri-La with numerous advances in couture fashion. We recently held four fashion shows, developed unique couture fashions in silk velvet devore, organized as a corporation, established new store locations, hosted Yi Hongbin, and other exciting artists. It was also a year of great sadness as we suffered our first disaster, a fire that destroyed our store at 55 Main Street, Cortland. Email us at SHANGRI-LA NEWS with your questions, ideas, and comments.


Shangri-La of Ithaca is currently hosting two art exhibits, British watercolors of Marilyn Allis ( and Egyptian papyri by Said ( in conjunction with a special portrait bust of Egypt's famous Queen Nefertiti ( On March 3rd we will open a new exhibit of United States First Lady portraits by acclaimed artist Lawrence Williams ( All are welcome to the opening reception on The Commons, at 5 to 8 PM, on March 3rd 2006. Email us at SHANGRI-LA.


Shangri-La has created an avant-garde collection of wedding dresses, formal evening wear, kaftans, ruanas, and semi-formals ( We have three wedding dress styles, the NEFERTITI, the DIANA, and the SHAHARAZAD (


As many visitors to our shop know, Shangri-La carries vintage Louis Vuitton items. We have also recently created an internet quiz website to test your abilities in identifying authentic Vuitton items ( We had a lot of fun with this at our store and even those who didn't win still got a FREE lesson in how to spot a real Louis Vuitton pouchette, one of the most common and copied fashion handbags! See how you can do (!


Shangri-La Publications is in its eigth year and will be publishing the tenth volume of the Marco Polo Monographs (MPM) series ISSN 1527-2265 this year, Goddess and God: A Holy Tension in the First Christian Centuries, by Dr. Valerie Abrahamsen. Click HERE to see descriptions of all titles published in this series to date!

Email us at SHANGRI-LA, thank you for reading our newsletter, and for your patronage! March 2006 Newsletter, April 2006 Newsletter.

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