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MPM9: Funding Exploration
The Future of Science and Discovery

by William F. Vartorella and Donald S. Keel

....Foreword by Kathryn A. Monk, Ph.D.,
Director-General, Iwokrama International Centre
for Rain Forest Conservation & Development, Guyana
....1: Introduction - Planning for the
Sustainable Future of Science & Exploration
....2: Pushing the Extreme / Managing Risks
....3: Board Dynamics - Trojan Horses vs.
Patrons of Exploration
....4: Investment Philanthropy--a Plan &
Underpinning for the Invitation Psychology
....5: Corporate Consciousness, Corporate Culture
....6. The Asia-Pacific Century--Plucking
Fruits from the Money Tree
....7. Foundation Funding--The "Final Frontier"
....8. The Art and Science of the Capital Campaign

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The experts tell-all about proven strategies and tactics for securing sponsorships, attracting individual and corporate donors, and preparing winning grant proposals for YOUR project!

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Excerpt Below
....9: Summary and Final Thoughts/Recomendations for the future of exploration in the 21st Century
....Bibliography of Funding Sources
....Biographical Sketches of Contributors


Two global fundraisers describe innovative and proven strategies for obtaining funding for scientific exploration. Stressing that entrepreneurship and niche marketing are crucial to successful fundraising, particularly during economic downturns, they look at aspects such as board dynamics, the psychology of investment philanthropy, and corporate culture. The book will be of interest to expedition leaders and field scientists. Ten color photos are included.


The EXPLORERS CLUB book reviewer recently concluded: "This is a must-read book."
Milbry Polk, The Explorers Journal, Spring, 2005, p. 47.

"This book is pure gold for expedition leaders & field scientists!"
Marie Levine, Executive Director, Shark Research Institute

"Bill Vartorella and Don Keel's Funding Exploration is an indispensible guide for making one's dreams and aspirations of field research and exploration a reality. Having organized and/or participated in diving expeditions for over 20 years from the Caribbean to Maine, the Great Lakes, Guam and Alaska, the one thing that these expeditions have in common is the inevitable quest for funding. Using the advise and recommendations in this book, any exploratory endeavor can put together the resources and money necessary to carry out their mission."
Peter E. Hess, Esq., 1993 USS MONITOR Deep Diving Expedition Leader

"Bill Vartorella and Don Keel understand very well the several connecting issues relating to the exploration of Mars analogues on Earth. The authors make a number of suggestions for fundable projects of great utility to those scientist-explorers in the here and now who are preparing for sophisticated robotic and human explorations of the Red Planet in the near future."
Dr. Marilyn Dudley-Rowley, Advisor, NASA Mars Reference Mission

"Funding Exploration will be an important book for most members of the exploring community to own or indeed memorize. William Vartorella and Donald Keel between them have spent decades raising serious money for exploration, some $500 million, and in this new book they share their secrets in a well laid out point-by-point funding map. Vartorella begins the book stating that the threats to serious scientific exploration are not the environment or political unrest around the world but funds. From there the authors walk the reader through the financial minefields that hinder so many explorers and scientists. They offer hope to us through a careful examination of the process needed to create a successful expedition or long-term study. The authors discuss at some length the criteria for establishing a successful not-for-profit entity, the roles of a board, understanding and cultivating donors, the emerging role of corporations, and navigating the variety of foundations. The presentation is clear and concise. This is a must-read book."
Milbry Polk, The Explorers' Club, The Explorers Journal, Spring, 2005, p. 47.


William F. Vartorella, Senior Vice-President, is a former college professor and international marketing executive. He holds three earned degrees, including a Ph.D. in Mass Communications (Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 1977). He also holds a C.B.C. credential in business & professional advertising (B/PAA-New York), is the author of numerous articles, and is a registered consultant with transnational bodies working with developing nations. Vartorella has sat on three foundation/nonprofit Boards active in funding overseas projects. He is a Fellow of both the Explorers Club (NYC) and the Royal Geographical Society (London, England), is listed in numerous Who's Who publications in the U.S. and abroad, and is a member of the Overseas Press Club (NYC) and Rotary.

Donald S. Keel has nearly 40 years' experience organizing multi-million-dollar fundraising campaigns, directing institutional advancement programs, and producing promotional video presentations that have won national awards in the U.S. He has been vice president of two U.S. colleges and associate vice chancellor of a public university, campaign director for a national consulting firm, and president of his own award-winning consulting company. His successful campaign strategies have enabled a broad range of not-for-profit organizations to raise hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars (two of these campaigns surpassed their goals by more than U.S. $10 million each). Keel's projects have included major stints in New York City, Washington, DC, the southeastern and southwestern U.S., and the Caribbean, working closely with global philanthropists, opinion leaders, and policy makers. He is a graduate of The Pingry School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.