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International Events

Shangri-La is affiliated with worldwide events. Here are some worth visiting.

These other worthy organizations join us in caring for the riches of the mind, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and leading the way in human rights.
Content on their websites does not necessarily express views of Shangri-La.

Click on star next to description to visit each event list.

LinkAging - Bioidentical Hormones

Link Alternative Radio - Front Page

LinkAmerican Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - Scorecard

Link Amnesty International - Features

LinkAnti-Imperialist League - Platform

LinkArt That I Like - Art History, Body Art

LinkArts Trail - Greater Ithaca Galleries

LinkArtists For Peace - Overview

LinkThe Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) - Index

LinkAstraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice - Overview

LinkCocker Spaniel Puppies, Cocker Spaniel Rescue

LinkCustom T-shirts And Promotionals

LinkExtensive selection of Body jewelry

LinkBuddhist Peace Fellowship - Links

LinkBuddhist Resources - Main Links

LinkChads Boyz - Resources For Gay Teens

Link Car Shipping

LinkCatholic World News (CWN) - Top Stories

LinkThe CATO Institute - Events Calendar

LinkChinese Caligraphy Art, Unique Gifts

LinkCode Pink - Main News Events

LinkCommon Dreams - Newswire

LinkThe Crisis Magazine - Front Page

LinkCommon Courage Press - Recent Books

LinkCountry Products Shopping Guide

LinkDoberman Pinscher Info

LinkDoctors With A Heart (DWAH) - Overview

LinkEarl Of Seacliff Art Workshop - literature and poetry

LinkEmusical Gifts - Customize your own music box!

LinkEpiscopalians in Support of Gay Rights - Web Store

LinkFree Speech TV - Web Stories

LinkFriends of the Earth (FOE) - Featured Stories

LinkGay Military - Support Our Troops Charity

LinkGlobal Exchange - Featured Stories

LinkGlobal Movement for Children (GMC) - Overview

LinkGlobal Trade Watch (GTW) - Overview

LinkGood Will (UNESCO) - Artists for Peace

LinkHabitat For Humanity International - True Stories

LinkHeifer International - Media Kit

LinkHeroes For Humanity - Hero of the Day

LinkHuman Rights Campaign - Press Room

LinkHuman Rights Campaign - Events Page

LinkHuman Rights Watch - Front Page

LinkHumane Society - Press Releases

LinkThe International Forum on Globalization (IFG) - Our Work

LinkInternational Mover

LinkIslam / Jannah - Articles

LinkIslamic Aid - Our Work

LinkIthaca Culture and Events

LinkJewish-Muslim Peace Walk - Overview

LinkJihad Watch - Front Page

LinkJim Hightower - Meet Jim

LinkLAMBDA - Issues

LinkLandscape Lights

LinkLink Exchange Program - A Great Internet Resource

LinkLithuanian Handmade

LinkMedia Channel - Events Bulletinboard

LinkMenopause and Black Cohosh Info Center

LinkMoroccan Furnishings

LinkThe Nation - Front Page

LinkNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) - Front Page

LinkNational Radio Project - Front Page and Links

LinkNational Right to Life - Front Page

LinkNew Left Review - Front Page

LinkOne Democratic State - Palestine/Israel

LinkOn-Line Books Shopping Guide

LinkOpen Democracy - Author Index

LinkPet Supplies

LinkPresiding Bishop's Fund - Latest News

LinkPrinter Ink Cartridges, Refill Kits & Laser Toners

LinkProChoice - Resource Center

LinkPublic Citizen - Press Room

LinkPug Dog Rescue Information

LinkQueer Theory - Hate Watch Organizations

LinkRainbow Ribbon Plus Gear - Support Civil Rights

LinkRussian Collectables, Antiquities, and Books

LinkSeven Stories Press - Latest Books

LinkShih Tzu Puppy and Rescue Information

LinkSouth End Press - Latest Books

LinkSouthern Poverty Law Center - Intelligence Project

LinkTeacup Chihuahua Rescue

LinkTibet in Exile - Newsroom

LinkTroubled Teens Billy Blanks Boot Camp

LinkTsunami Disaster Relief Fund

LinkTurkey - The ultimate holiday guide

LinkThe Twelve Tribes - Current Events News

LinkUnited Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - Press Centre

LinkUnited Nations (UNESCO) - Media Services

LinkVirtual Retirement Communities

LinkVote For Bush - President of Iraq

LinkWe Are Everywhere - Press Release

LinkWebexodus Online Entertainment

LinkWomen's Classical Caucus - Links

LinkWonderful World of Books

LinkZMagazine Online - Current Articles

LinkZNet/ZMagazine - News

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